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Why Choose Messenger Bot Courses Using ManyChat

Did you know that the standard marketing specialist position is going to get you as much as $65.000? That’s just being a marketing professional doing standard tasks. But, if you manage to be skilled in some other areas, the payment can increase to almost $117.000 per year. That’s a huge difference.

The modern technologies that are working with and for marketing needs, provide lots of benefits for the companies. The lead generation and other issues that used to be almost impossible to be done perfectly are now a piece of cake using the proper technology.

Chatbots are a true revolution in the marketing industry. They do so much for the marketers and for the business owners. However, operating them is not as simple as one might think. You need to be highly skilled and understand everything around it to make the best of it.

That’s why it’s recommended that everyone who’s a marketer and like to progress in their career to take a course on chatbots. How to install it, how to use it, and what benefits can they provide? All this comes through a course.

One of the best bots out there is the ManyChat. Listening to a ManyChat course is the best thing you can do for advancing in your career. Here are a few things that might explain better why it is absolutely important and essential to take some of the many lectures on the internet on this subject. Follow up to see more!

The course gives you all the details

When you listen to something like this, you get an insight into all the details. The lecturers are usually professionals who either worked on the software or worked with it for a long time and know every aspect of its features.

When it comes to this particular bot, you should know that its features are many. With it, you can not just let people feel more pleasant while visiting a certain web page, but you can also get a lot of information about them that can later be used for marketing purposes.

In short, the bots are perfect for lead generation. One of the most important reasons why business owners and marketers love chatbots is the feature of getting people’s information right in your spreadsheets.

Still, to be able to get this, you need to set up a proper bot that will know how to ask the right questions, act like it’s an alive person and with it manage to do a perfect job for all of you.

Maybe marketing is all about numbers most of the time, but with this option, you’ll need to think deeper on the subject. The bots are providing some information that needs to be analyzed, marketers need to go over it and make the best of what they have in their hands.

Lately, the artificial intelligence is getting more and more into this game. With AI software this job is left for the robots while people can focus on some more humane issues that computers can’t manage. Like an actual talk to clients and seeing what they need best.

Of course, AI can now call people and imitate the human voice, but the technology is still not so advanced for people not to realize the person they are talking to is not actually a person, but a robot. See more about AI on this link

Some might be confused about where is the problem here? The problem is that all stats show that customers don’t like spending time talking to robots especially for sensitive topics like spending their money on something. Humans still prefer humans while talking on the phone or chatting through the internet. No matter how good the bot is, you still can’t expect people to accept it the same as humans.

On the other hand, chatbots and robots are inexpensive. The simple versions are even free while the person working for you as customer service will get you at least $30.000 per year. That’s a huge difference, right? That’s why business owners prefer computers over people working for them in these positions. 


As you can see, everyone benefits from using chatbots. If you’re working in marketing at any position, the smartest thing you can do is to learn more about this feature. This way, you’ll advance in your career, have better chances of earning more and if you’re really good you can even double your salary.

Everyone aims for higher pay in life. No one works for free and that’s why it’s smart to take some of the best courses on the internet. Becoming an expert in the field will open so many opportunities. At the same time, you’ll provide some excellent services for your clients who’ll be extremely happy knowing that they got so much more without realizing it was possible.

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