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Many business owners recognize the importance of search engine optimization or SEO nowadays. Read more about SEO in this link here. Setting up a website and making sure that it ranks higher than competitors on the search engine is one way many owners can improve their businesses.

However, before setting up the rankings, websites first require lots of preliminary work before they are ready for optimization. Many owners rely on the expertise of SEO agencies and these agencies should be able to do the extra mile of improving their client’s business

What the Agencies Commonly Do First

  • Ask the number of keywords small business owners and corporations want to rank
  • Do a bit of research about the business, its competitors, its niche, and its industry
  • Do a quick audit about the current SEO standing of the site
  • Suggest some high tech “back-end” stuff that does not generate results
  • Start backlinks and building links

However, there is should be improvements that experts should be able to do. Some of these are the following:

1. Website Improvements

Not all businesses have websites with user-friendly interfaces. If a potential customer becomes interested in buying a product, they should easily navigate to the items that they want, click the button where the shopping cart of the site is, and process the payment without any hassle. If your website is not in the position to convert leads into sales, then your SEO agency should do something about it.

2. The Loading Time of Each Page

As the owner, you need to make sure that your page loads very fast. Customers do not like to wait and they want to get everything NOW. If they have to wait for 3 minutes for everything to show up on each page, then your business can be in trouble. There are responsive web design tools that can help you test the pages on mobile. There are speed tests that can help you fix possible problems on your pages so be sure to check them out.

3. Designs are Important

The color scheme, overall layout, text fonts, and the quality of the graphics are very important in every website. Visitors make the first impression on a company based on what they saw on the website. The layouts should be structured. You or your SEO agency should be able to develop sites that include credible customer reviews, certifications, business associates, partners, media mentions, and clients. More information about web development in the following link:

Building the Campaign  

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1. Define the Who

After you have fixed potential issues on your site, it’s time to build campaigns for it. You need to answer the question of who you are trying to reach when reaching the top ranks on Google. You need to be specific in this instance because searching for promoters or marketers can include a group of diverse people. 

2. Identify the Why

You need to know why you are bringing someone on your site. Define your overall goals and don’t get stuck on the metrics presented by Google. You need to define the sales, lead generation, list building, and engagement rates that you want to reach in a month. You can know more information about how to propel your business to success with sites such as Dublin SEO Agency. Read about how SEO on the blogs of the right website.

3. Know the How

You should know the steps on how you should reach your goals. There are numbers at the end of each month that will define your success. Most common metrics used by many business owners include retargeting lists, email responses, and conversion rates.

4. Research about Keywords

Keywords are very helpful when you are using Google’s algorithm to rank your business from its competitors. If you are searching about “cars”, search engines will identify whether it refers to vehicles or a movie through the keywords. 

5. Do Technical Audits

So you have already set your goals, identified your potential customers, have the websites optimized, and made roadmaps on how you can reach your targets. Auditing at the end of each month is a kind of reality check whether you are hitting your goals. Get someone who can check the XML sitemaps, robot.txt, the loading speed of a page, and other technical details that can help you rank higher.

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