What You can Have from the Sales Force Automation Now

In this sense, it is essential that all managers and sales executives know what are the different tools used for the automation of the sales force and the benefits that this trend brings.

Tools that are used for the Automation of the Sales Force:

Laptop computers, mobile devices, fax machines and cell phones are electronic tools that can now be connected to the Internet to obtain updated information from the company’s database, manage properly contact (customers), conduct sales operations (such as taking orders) and keep the company informed of what is happening in the “market”. All of which, helps to improve the service to the clients, supports the decision making of the sellers, streamlines the sales processes and feedback to the company. You can check here for more on this.

Along with these tools (laptops, mobile devices, cell phones, faxes and the internet), specialized software is becoming increasingly important because it allows these tools to be “exploited” to the maximum. Thanks to this, the seller can perform important tasks such as:

Agenda management

  • Administration of the route of visits
  • Personalization of interviews with customers
  • Take orders
  • Verification of the stock level in real time
  • Billing
  • Review of the history of orders and payments of each client
  • Messaging with other sellers
  • Contact with sales management
  • Obtaining market data (from customers and competitors)

Benefits of Sales Force Automation:

An adequate use of electronic tools (laptops, mobile devices, cell phones and faxes), in addition to the internet, specialized software (such as CRM software for contact management) and the company’s database, provides the following benefits:

Better informed sales force: Because you have the option of obtaining the data you need in real time. This is crucial when sellers have to make decisions to close sales, for example: When the customer requests a special discount for the purchase of a certain volume of products or when he needs to be assured of the quantity of stock available for immediate delivery.

Satisfied customers: This benefit is the result of providing an agile and personalized attention to customers thanks to an automated system that is used properly, for example: When the customer requests some type of information related to the product, it comes in a while very short and even in the moment. On the other hand, the seller shows you during the interview that he knows the type of products he has been buying lately and the payment terms he prefers. And to finish, the customer receives the amount of product that the seller has promised to provide and in the agreed time.

Agile and dynamic sales management: This is possible when the sales force can take orders in your PALM and send it via the internet for immediate billing.

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