Why is VPS hosting Ideal for Social Networking Platforms?

VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting means having a virtual server in a computer owned by a third party. While you get to own a server on that computer, you don’t have to manage it. As a website owner, you are just required to pay rent on the services of that server. In the process, you get to enjoy several benefits. If you are planning to launch a social networking site, then having a VPS web hosting makes more sense. Why?

1. Cost of ownership

There is no cost of ownership when it comes to using VPS hosting. You don’t buy a server, and neither do you own the hardware or software associated with it. All you need to do is pay rent on the services consumed.

This is good news for bootstrapped startups for whom every penny saved is pound earned. Launching a social media platform requires immense amounts of money and buying server hardware and software would burn a hole in your pocket.

Until a few years ago, even the VPS rentals were quite high. But thanks to increasing competition, prices of many VPS services are quite affordable.

2. Technical Support

While launching your social media platform, you need to have 24/7 dedicated technical support. If you are well funded, you should not face any problem in hiring people who are technically qualified. But growing a website based business is costly business, and as a startup, you would like to conserve every penny.

In this situation, it makes business sense to have a VPS hosting for your technical support as well. The owner of your server would have a dedicated tech support team that will solve your problems at any time of the day. This technical support is included in your monthly rental, so you don’t have to pay anything extra.

3. Website Performance

The reason why Facebook and Twitter are so famous is their performance. These websites are available for more than 99% of the time because of their superior performance.

If you are just launching your social media site, then its performance should be the first factor that you must consider. How do you ensure that your website is up and running for almost all the 24 hours of the day?

Here comes your VPS hosting service provider. Since your provider has a dedicated team for support, he will ensure that your site is always running and running smoothly.

4. Database

All the time, visitors are coming to your social media site and leaving their personal details on your platform. Each moment, you are inundated with images, word files, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other forms of personal data. A platform like LinkedIn would have crashed if it did not have the right tools to manage its database.

So, how can you manage this voluminous data? VPS hosting comes to your rescue. You don’t have to invest in physical hardware or software to accommodate your massive data; your virtual server can do that work.

Lastly, the one important reason why many social media networking sites use virtual servers is for purposes of security of their data. Your data is partitioned from others by a security wall and remains secure from various kinds of attacks.

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